Welcome to Reiki Plus More:  Reiki & Psychic Development
  by Connie Bell-Dixon      215-368-7837

Numerous intuitive and psychic skills are taught at the Lansdale/Philly Psychic Development Group accessed through the meetup site http://www.meetup.com/Lansdale-Philly-Psychic-Development-Group/

Below is the list of classes that are offered.  Please request what you would like to learn.  

My journey started with metaphysical experiences as a child. As I grew, the dreams/visions/spirit encounters increased. I have studied to understand since my late teens and I continue to explore the wonderful world of energy. The classes I teach have helped me greatly and I hope they can help you progress on your spiritual quest. Please request the classes you are drawn to learn! Contact me at 215.368.7837, at conniebell@rcn.com or on www.meetup.com The Lansdale/Philly Psychic Development Group.


Reiki 1 & Reiki Plus, Reiki 2 & Reiki Plus, Reiki 3 Master Practitioner/Teacher, Animal Reiki
        Reiki is a beautiful, calming energy that is channeled to help yourself and others. Reiki Plus includes many         additional tools and intuitive skills that I teach along with conventional Reiki to support the depth of Reiki         offered.
Medium Development Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6 
        These classes help you understand the spirit world and you learn tools to help connect to the other side to         receive messages from spirits for others. Tools are taught to keep you safe at all times. Each level is 4         sessions. 
What Are Your Gifts? Working with Vibrations and Energy
        This class gives an understanding of vibrations/energy that are around us constantly. It includes lots of         exercises to determine what you receive and what you express vibrationall which will give you clues to your         gifts.  
Are You Highly Sensitive? How to Handle Being an Empath
        This is a 2 hour workshop looking at the many characteristics of the highly sensitive person. It gives         philosophies to help us understand why we take on the pain of others and what can be done to make our         lives a little easier.

Other Core Classes:

Auras – what are the layers and how do we see them? Lots of practice and exercises to do.
Chakras – what are the characteristics of these energy centers and how do they help us?
Mind Projection/Remote Viewing – sending our energy into a object or place to retrieve information
Past Life Regression – Experience through guided meditation a life or lives in other times and places
Psychometry basics– touching a person or object to receive information psychically or 
Psychometry Intensive Workshop – This is a 3 hour workshop designed to develop the sense of touch. Exercises         and meditations are combined to take us from the simple to very complex tasks.
Spirits and Spirit Rescue – the world of spirits – how do we know they are there, what to do about it and how to         help them when they are stuck in their journey in crossing over.
Telepathy – sending information mentally without the use of our normal 5 senses

BASIC CLASSES: During the course of teaching metaphysics for 8 years many classes have been prepared/researched to introduce students to different topics. Please request what you are attracted to learn.

1) Angels – who are these wonderful beings and what their hierarchy is. How can they help us?
2) Animal Spirit Guide Workshop – Come and meet the animals that guide you. Numerous activities to discover         them and the importance they play in your life.
3) Archangels and Ascended Masters – Who are these high vibration beings and how can they help us?
4) Basic Numerology – what does your name mean? What characteristics of your name influence your         personality?
5) Basic Palmistry – what do the lines and mounds in your palm mean? How can it help us?
6) Discovering Symbols – How do symbols influence you? What do they mean? How can we use them in our         spiritual journey?
7) Meditation – The ability to relax the body and mind and either focus on one thing or nothing (2 guided         meditation CDs are available for purchase that I recorded) 
8) Metaphysical Tournament of Knowledge – 75 questions used as a competition between teams to challenge         your library of metaphysical comprehension or just see what you know and what you would like to learn.
9) Need to Change Your Life? “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza Workshop (personal         permission given by Dr. Joe Dispenza to teach this class). Learn the many facets of why we do what we do         and how to change it all. This is a 3 hour workshop.
10) Parallel lives and Quantum Jumping – Do we exist in other planes? Can we exist in multiples places at the         same time? Can we jump to one of those lives and gain the knowledge there?  
11) Pendulums – use of this tool to receive answers for many topics or questions.
12) Protection: Use of white light and other methods. What is it and why is it important when doing energy         work of any kind. 
13) Spirit Guides – who is around us to help us and assist in our earthly journey? Meditation to meet them!  
14) Soul Retrieval – what happens when our energy is still stuck in other lifetimes? Are we whole as we are right         now?  
15) Telekinesis or Psychokinesis – Can you move an object without touching it? This class includes lots of         meditations and hands-on exercises. 
16) 7 crystals for the 7 chakras – The meaning of seven crystals that correspond to our 7 major chakras. Learn         about the crystals and chakras.  Exercise to clean, align and balance our chakras.  

I coach and help develop readers and mediums privately, offer Reiki sessions with past lifetimes and readings.  

It is always an honor to offer energy, love and inspiration to you on your spiritual path. Thank you!

Lots of white light,