Welcome to Reiki Plus More:  Reiki & Psychic Development
  by Connie Bell-Dixon      215-368-7837

It all started with psychic experiences, precognitive dreams, sensing spirits, etc. through my childhood and teens which then grew into a fascination and lifetime learning of spirituality and intuition development.  My psychic skills training expanded into learning the loving, healing energy of Reiki.  Now I combine intuitive training with Reiki to form Reiki Plus!  If you are looking to develop your healing energy sklls or psychic/intuitive gifts that you have or may want to discover, I may be able to help you.  I offer many classes and workshops from large group settings to individual classes.  Come and see what you can discover about yourself...you may be surprised!  Check out both areas by clicking on the buttons below.  Lots of beautiful white light to all!
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